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ALEXANDER LEE - The Botanist
7 Nov 2014 - 6 Jan 2015


Collectors Contemporary is proud to present THE BOTANIST: a new solo show by contemporary artist Alexander Lee.

Born in California to Hakka parents, Lee grew up in Tahiti, French Polynesia. He earned his BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York; his MFA from Columbia University, New York; and an MPS from New York University. Lee worked as Studio Manager to Matthew Barney, before gaining recognition for his own unique practice. He is based in New York and Tahiti, and has exhibited to critical acclaim throughout Europe and the United States. The Botanist will bring the work of Alexander Lee to Singapore for the first time.

Lee draws on his rich cultural heritage to explore individual and collective narratives in a multimedia practice that includes drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. A storyteller, Lee amalgamates personal memory, popular culture and history into a rich symbolic visual language. In The Botanist, Lee continues his investigation into cultural narratives, and issues of migration, colonialism and cultural hybridization. Through the plant motif of the breadfruit (uru), the artist conveys themes of sustenance, life, and transformation.

For The Botanist, the artist has collected uru leaves from the neighbourhood tree where he grew-up and hand pressed them into compositions reminiscent of tapa (a traditional Tahitian barkcloth). As a child the artist would rake the fallen breadfruit leaves and burn them, the smoke from the fire warding off mosquitoes and evil spirits. To this day he continues this practice, raking and burning the leaves of an ancient tree that has stood in the same spot since long before his birth: a ritual that reconnects the artist to his fenua (homeland).

Breadfruit is an essential component of Polynesian culture and history. In the Tahitian legend of Rua-ta’ata, a man transforms his body into a breadfruit tree in order to feed his starving family. Breadfruit also appears in colonial narratives of exploration and discovery. The botanist Joseph Banks took part in James Cook's first Voyage of Discovery (1768-1771) and in 1789, fostered the HMS Bounty's expedition to gather breadfruit plants to cultivate in the Caribbean. The HMS Bounty expedition was popularised in the 1932 Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall novel Mutiny on the Bounty, a now famous Hollywood movie starring Marlon Brando. The breadfruit tree unites and interweaves cultural narratives that permeated Lee's Hakka upbringing in French Polynesia.

The breadfruit leaf has a formal beauty that Lee works with to create powerfully entrancing and poetic images. The artist has created a series of unique handcrafted artworks by dipping uru leaves in ink and hand-pressing them on polypropylene. He also employs different hand printing and transfer processes reminiscent of the monotypes of Gauguin, creating hauntingly ethereal images that have the quality of a weathered artifact. Lee demonstrates his artistry by using different media to explore his ideas. The resulting artworks suggest myriad associations, including Chinese ink paintings, Polynesian head ornaments, Tahitian bark cloth (tapa), celestial maps, traditional tattooing practices and botanical drawings. They form part of Lee’s wider endeavor of compiling his own “herbarium of post-colonial cultural motifs. At the same time these lyrical compositions are open to interpretation, combining the abstract and the organic, they encourage the viewer to read their own narratives in the work.

Lee's practice could not be more relevant to Singapore and a contemporary moment defined by globalisation and cultural hybridity. In the artist's work the breadfruit becomes symbolic of knowledge, learning, discovery, creativity and the international travel of ideas and cultural meaning.

Tim Sullivan- White Shadows
13 Sep 2014 - 19 Oct 2014

*This exhibition will be held at our second gallery, EDITIONS at Park House, 21 Orchard Blvd, Singapore.

EDITIONS by Collectors Contemporary is proud to present a new solo exhibition by contemporary San Francisco based artist Tim Sullivan.

Sullivan has a fascinating and unique way of seeing and interpreting the world. His idiosyncratic viewpoint results in powerful and captivating artworks that encourage the viewer to look at their surroundings in new and unexpected ways.

Uniting his practice is a fascination with California and the way it is imagined and represented in film, music, television and literature. Working across various media including video, photography, performance, installation and painting, the artist communicates complex and layered ideas in rich and playful artworks. As well as suggesting diverse and colourful influences, from Duchamp and Surrealism to Warhol and consumer advertising, his work often contains a strong dose of humour. Sullivan demonstrates a deep engagement with the conceptual and visual language of contemporary art and pop culture.

In White Shadows, Sullivan continues to explore his long-held fascination with the west coast of America. In a series of new oil paintings, he paints Hollywood blondes from the early days of the silver screen, including Jean Harlow, Jayne Mansfield and Ida Lupino. Sullivan is fascinated by the way our shared imagination, language, actions and emotions are informed by film. These Hollywood starlets defined different kinds of femininity and created now familiar pop culture terms such as ‘Blonde Bombshell’ and ‘Platinum Blonde.’ They were as famous for their scandalous and often tragic lives as their movie careers. For example, an original sex symbol and screen siren, Jean Harlow died at 26 years of age and Jayne Mansfield was killed in a car accident aged 34. Sullivan continues to explore notions of tragic glamour in his photographic ‘still life’ works that function as contemporary vanitas: the bright beautiful flowers symbolically refer to the passing of time and the transience of nature.

In both bodies of work Sullivan examines perception, light and colour in order to give the viewer a new experience of images. The artist’s work not only makes the viewer think more but also ‘see more.’ In the ‘White Shadows’ series, Sullivan scours vintage images for rare or unseen photographs of Hollywood starlets. He makes a negative photo of the image and then paints this image in large-scale monochromatic oil paintings. Some of the paintings are flocked with a coloured velvet dot. The dot refers to an after-image illusion, where the viewer looks at a dot or an X on an image for a period of time before looking away: they are then able to see the opposite or ‘positive’ of the image. He explains, “I like how one has to "work" to see the actual positive and that positive "burns in" becoming part of the viewer physically...if not just for a few seconds...I like how it physically and directly relates to Duchamp's idea about the viewer completing the piece.”

In his ‘still life’ body of work, Sullivan also plays with notions of illusion and active looking. The bright images steeped in acidic colours are actually negative images. In a labour intensive process the artist stages a tableau of objects. He identifies the negative or opposite colours of these objects and paints the objects in these colours. The final process involves photographing this ‘three-dimensional painting.’ He then prints the photographic negative (rather than the positive) revealing a world where dark is light and vise-versa. In this series Sullivan explains that he “shines darkness” on objects, making white shadows visible and creating “alternate worlds.”

Sullivan holds an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and has won notable awards including the SF Goldie Award, from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He was winner of the Grand Prize for Artists Wanted: Art Takes Miami 2010 and was awarded USD $10,000 with a featured exhibition in an exclusive booth at SCOPE Miami 2010. He has exhibited internationally, including in the USA, Singapore, China, Ireland and Poland. The artist has also exhibited as part of the Havana Biennial, Cuba, and the California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA.

Tim Sullivan is represented by Collectors Contemporary.

10 Jul 2014 - 20 Sep 2014

GIANT brings together monumental works by Kehinde Wiley, Robert Rauschenberg, Banksy, Gottfried Helnwein, Andy Warhol, John Westmark, Claes Oldenburg, Daniel Buren and Tim Sullivan.

Collectors Contemporary’s expansive 3000 sq ft space plays host to some of the most important contemporary artists working today. In this unique show, each artist uses size and scale to different effect. Celebrated Austrian painter Gottfried Helnwein’s vast canvases engulf the viewer, making his social commentary and unflinching view on the world impossible to ignore. Claes Oldenberg’s 'Ice Bag-Scale B' gently inflates and deflates as it slowly and mesmerizingly rotates in the gallery. The sculpture demonstrates the way in which the legendary Pop Artist uses material and scale to make the familiar alien. Collectors Contemporary is delighted to showcase spectacular paintings by Kehinde Wiley for the first time. Wiley is at the forefront of contemporary portraiture. With exceptional skill and technical virtuosity, Wiley paints people with black and brown skin from all over the world. His subjects are cast in the same context as historical noblemen, aristocrats and royalty. They reference power, visibility and heroism.

We invite you to step into this immersive and captivating exhibition, to be overwhelmed and moved, not only by the size, but also the diversity and depth of each artist’s singular and powerful statement.

31 May 2014 - 29 Jun 2014

STATIC are taking over EDITIONS by Collectors Contemporary with IDOLS: a brand new body of work created exclusively for the gallery.

STATIC is a creative collaboration between two contemporary British artists, Tom Jackson and Craig Evans. Working out of their studio in the East end of London, the duo employ myriad techniques including painting, screen printing, drawing, stenciling and spray-painting. Inspired by popular culture, music, film and current events, their fresh ultra contemporary works are instantly recognisable for their polished graphic style, explosive electric colours and layered imagery.

For their new solo show, the artists have chosen to 'canonize' twelve contemporary idols. Reminiscent of saints cast in stained glass, each figure is encased in layered glass against a halo of gold. They are disguised in bandanas and brandishing cans of spray-paint. United by their rebellious spirit and creativity, each figure is symbolic of a cultural zeitgeist. The subjects are part of our collective imagination: from Marilyn Monroe and Sid Vicious to Audrey Hepburn and Jean-Michel Basquiat. STATIC have playfully remixed and juxtaposed visual motifs to re-present these popular icons and explore their cultural meaning and significance.

Combining backgrounds in Graphic Communication and Fine Art, STATIC are renowned for their layered glass pieces and multi-textured works. Their labour intensive practice involves completing every stage of the creative process in house and by hand: from hand cutting large-scale intricately detailed stencils, to hand drawn typography. They take an innovative approach to materials and have previously employed such diverse components as wood, metal, Perspex, glass, diamond dust, resin, ash and magnesium powder.

STATIC will be traveling from the UK to open IDOLS. This exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to meet the artists in person and learn more about their multilayered experimental practice.

Jackson and Evans have collaborated since 2006. They have exhibited internationally: in the US, UK Japan, Italy, India and Moscow. Their work is also held in the private collection of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.

STATIC is represented by Collectors Contemporary.

Sarah Harvey
3 Apr 2014 - 31 May 2014

Harvey is internationally recognised for her paintings of the human figure, predominantly self-portraits, suspended in luscious light-filled azure and aquamarine waters. Over ten years ago the artist discovered a green swimming pool in the Tuscan hills of Italy, an experience that inspired her to explore the sensuous and enigmatic qualities of water and light. Since then Harvey has continued to paint the body submerged and abstracted by liquid landscapes that are uniquely her own, characterised by undulating currents, distorted shadows and refractions of sunlight. Water is a literal and symbolic element in the artist’s work. It is a familiar, yet inscrutable force. Harvey uses the interaction between the body and water to explore the complexities of human emotion and experience. The weightless figures are simultaneously liberated and engulfed, revealed and obscured: suggesting notions of freedom, fear and fantasy.

Harvey arrives at each finished work through a time consuming, labour intensive process that encompasses contemporary digital technology and traditional oil painting. The artist’s highly original technique involves creating a photographic image that she either takes or directs. After which she undertakes a process of collage and digital alteration. She then uses this source imagery to paint with a technical virtuosity honed and developed over a decade. Each painting involves the application of up to thirty layers of paint in order to achieve the vibrancy and translucency that defines her work. Harvey unites the photographic and the painterly in deeply expressionistic oil paintings that combine abstraction and figuration.

Harvey was born in London in 1981. She trained at Chelsea School of Art and Newcastle University. She has received numerous accolades, including First Prize winner of the Ken Howard Award (2007), Grand Prix winner of Art Periscope Award (2007) and winner of the London International Creative Competition (2011). She was also shortlisted for the Celeste Painting Prize (2007), Art Review’s international competition (2009) and Saatchi’s Best of British (2009). Harvey’s painting Cubist Waters was shortlisted for the Saatchi Showdown: Places and Spaces (2012). Sarah Harvey is represented by Collectors Contemporary.


Arma Blanca
1 Mar 2014 - 5 Apr 2014

EDITIONS by Collectors Contemporary is proud to host the first ever exhibition in Singapore by the Mexican Collective Arma Blanca.

Arma Blanca was founded by a group of young contemporary artists in Mexico. Defined by inclusivity, creativity and freedom - the collective exists as a platform for creating visibility and dialogue. The collective functions as a weapon or ‘arma’ to disrupt the white or ‘blanca’ walls of the traditional gallery space.

The exhibition reflects the eclecticism and dynamism of this self-organised group. Arma Blanca showcases artworks in a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. The exhibition includes work by Alejandra Alarcón, Jorge Carrera, Pablo Cotama, Sofía Echeverri, Floria González, David Gremard Romero, Jorge Hauss and Tania Ximena.

Chris Levine / LIGHT
10 Jan 2014 - 22 Feb 2014

Opening Reception: 9 January 2014 [7 – 9pm]
A Conversation with Chris Levine: 11 January [3pm]
Exhibition runs till 22 February 2014

Collectors Contemporary is proud to present the first-ever solo show in Singapore by the revolutionary artist Chris Levine. This dynamic and immersive exhibition explores the continuous elemental force that runs through Levine’s practice – LIGHT.

Chris Levine / LIGHT invites visitors into an unparalleled multi-sensory environment. The show brings together works in a range of media including light sculptures, lightboxes, photographic prints, holographic works and laser light installations. The exhibition focuses on the way in which the artist explores light to create new ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

Levine is one of the most in-demand contemporary artists working today. In 2004, Levine made history when he created Equanimity, the first ever 3-D holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. In 2012, Equanimity was featured on UK postage stamps and £100 commemorative bank notes to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This celebrated image appeared on the cover of TIME magazine last year. Levine’s series of portraits of the Queen are now so iconic that they have come to define a generation.

Levine is at the forefront of contemporary popular culture: working with respected figures from the worlds of fashion, music and art. In 2008 he collaborated with the British electronic group Massive Attack at Glastonbury Music Festival, using laser projected through oscillating prisms, and LEDs directed at the viewer’s peripheral vision. In 2012, Levine worked with Antony Hegarty to create Swanlights an ethereal performance combining music and light, commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Hegarty performed with the 60 piece New York Symphony Orchestra while Levine produced an experimental laser light installation projected onto a crystalline sculpture. Swanlights has now been performed to critical acclaim at Radio City Music Hall, Melbourne Festival and The Royal Opera House in London.

Chris Levine / LIGHT showcases important pieces featuring icons of the 21st Century. The series, Stillness at the Speed of Light, powerfully captures Levine’s creative collaboration with Grace Jones. Most recently the artist worked with Kate Moss to create She’s Light, a new body of work representing the world’s most famous supermodel. The artist has worked with world-renowned organisations such as Cartier, Swarovski, Asprey and Tom Ford.

Levine’s work combines progressive technology and artistry in a distinctive visual language that is both poetic and ultramodern. His significance to the contemporary moment cannot be overstated.

Artist Talk:
A Conversation with Chris Levine: 11 January [3pm]
This free Artist’s Talk forms part of our education and outreach programme. To reserve a free place please email: events(at)

Chris Levine is represented by Collectors Contemporary.


Fundamental Constituents
29 Nov 2013 - 28 Dec 2013

29th November to 28th December 2013

Fundamental Constituents brings together a stunning collection of artworks that can be seen to hold a powerful relationship to nature and the elements. The concept of the classical elements: air, earth, fire and water are present in many worldviews and ancient philosophies. In this exhibition natural elements are present in diverse incarnations.

Fundamental Constituents includes work by Sarah Harvey, Ed Ruscha, Marc Riboud, Thomas Ruff, Vanessa Blaikie, Joey Piziali, Adam Katseff, David Nadel, Natthawut Singthong, Enrique Chagoya and Sheetal Gattani.

Working across a range of media the artists included in the exhibition use their own unique aesthetic and visual language to explore the elemental qualities of an object, idea or place. As Adam Katseff explains in relation to his work, "Something both intimate and sublime operates within these images, transporting us to a place outside of place, a time independent of time. This feeling of eeriness, of otherness speaks to a truth hidden behind everyday observation - a sense that what colours our experience is not merely a landscape, a room, a night sky but something greater; something more."

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